Friday, August 3, 2012

CSCENIC - Small Cap - Good Dividend Yield

Update 30.7.2012
2Q2012 Results announced within 1 month from closing

  • Better Turnover Q-o-Q and Y-o-Y.
  • Better Net Profit Margin for 4Qs continuously.
Interim Single-Tier Dividend 4.5 sen per share announced, ex-date 10.10.2012 pay-date 29.10.2012.

Based on Closing Price (2.8.2012) RM1.13, the Dividend Yield is 7.96%

17 JULY 2012
Closing Price 16 July 2012 RM0.98 (Range RM0.945-RM1.02)

Track Record for high dividend payout
Net cash position.

Not so good (hope improving in next quarter)
Turnover RED for 3 quarters (lower compared to Preceding Year Same Quarter)
Net Profit RED for 4 quarters (lower compared to Preceding Year Same Quarter)

Can consider adding this to BUY & HOLD portfolio.

Yield Target = DY >8% + Capital Appreciation >2% = >10%

Defence for this stock (Safety of Principal)
1. High Dividend Yield
2. Healthy Cash Flow and Cash Position
3. Undervalued Land & Building (NTA RM0.77 as at 31.3.2012)