Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Insurance Policy + Trust Deed = Insurance Trust

It is a General Misconception that Trust is for Super Rich and Famous.

TRUST is not only for rich and famous, an Insurance Trust will allow you to create a Trust and fund it easily.

Why using Trust (instead of writing a Will)?
Trust can do things that the Will cannot:-
- Distribute immediately
- Protect against creditors in bankruptcy
- Provide confidentiality etc

What are the advantages for an Insurance Trust?
- Overcome the Section 166 Nomination limitations
- You still benefit from your policy
- Trustee will claim for your TPD and use the $$ for your benefit
- Fund will be available immediately for Education, Medical and Maintenance etc
- Prevent hardship on the child's guardian
- It is revocable by you, flexible to  meet changing circumstances

You buy Insurance to protect your loved ones, but who protects your insurance money (when you are not available)?