Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mortgage Application and CCRIS Records.

CCRIS (pronounced as C-Cris) stands for Central Credit Reference Information System.

Don't get you loan rejected due to CCRIS records, e.g. bad payment records.

You may click here to understand more about CCRIS. Almost all financial institutions participate in CCRIS, including the MBSB, i.e. you have no way to hide. 

As a rough guideline for "clean" CCRIS
Current month - Must be 0 or <= 1 MIA (MIA = month in arrears)
In the last 6 months - Not more than 2 X 2 MIA
In the last 12 months - Not more than 1 X 3 MIA
To avoid your loan application get rejected, please ensure you pay on time (at least most of the time).