Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Will-Writing is just the First Step in Estate Planning

Most people believe Will is the only thing they need to concern about, and a Will is just a simple paper, therefore should not cost more than a few hundred ringgit.

Estate Planning is a concept of how, when, what are the ways, to distribute ones wealth after or even before this person pass away.

There is a danger of under estimate the importance of having a proper planned Will and overall Estate Planning, simply having a Will drafted may be worse than having a Will drafted. Why?

If a person don't plan well, using just a standard Will template to draft his / her Will, without the detailed knowledge of the relevant pitfalls, his / her beneficiary may ended up not getting the estate.

Therefore, it is important to get a qualified Will writer, as you only 'test' the Will when you need to use, you can not afford to make a mistake.