Friday, December 9, 2016

Who are Corporate "Trustees"?

There are a number of more well known Corporate Trustees, example:-

Beside Estate Planning purposes, Trust Companies are not so well known for their other products / services, including but not limited to:-
  • private trust
  • insurance trust
  • Declaration of trust
  • Stakeholder & Escrow Services
  • Interest Scheme
UBB Cash Trust and Rockwills's Declaration of Trust are the example of how Trust can be creatively used as a "product" to solve financial problem, i.e. how to protect your asset and distribute it fast accordingly to your wishes.

In order to setup a Trust Company, one have to get approval from SSM, and Bank Negara.

  • What is TRUST?
  • Governed under Trustee Act 1949 (Revised 1978), a Legal / Legitimate way for financial planning.
  • Assets can be hold by a TRUST including CASH, Property, Shares etc. 
  • A TRUST is an effective way for wealth distribution, alive or dead